Kelly Alexandra Roe

Roe v Gulf View Property Management Limited and Mike Cotton Landlord

Tenancy Tribunal

District Court

Supressed v Supressed

Tenancy Tribunal

Roe v University of Waikato

High Court (NZHC 1808 substantive) (minute on costs)

Court of Appeal (NZCA 459 substantive) (NZCA 488 costs)

Roe v New Zealand Vice Chancellor's Committee

High Court (NZHC 719 substantive) (NZHC 1293 costs)

Court of Appeal (NZCA 185 substantive) (NZCA 364 costs)

Supreme Court (NZSC 111)

Roe v University of Auckland

High Court (NZHC 368 substantive) (NZHC 1331 costs)

Court of Appeal (NZCA 132 substantive) (NZCA 357 costs)

Supreme Court (NZSC 106 substantive)

Roe v University of Otago

High Court

Roe v Auckland District Health Board

High Court

Court of Appeal

Supreme Court